A bold new product for modern freight!!

CG N Scale: Computer Generated - 3D Printed

The age of renewable energy is growing strong. Take part of the future and transport tomorrow's technology, today! Wind Turbine Blades are coming to N Scale!! Beta Models are available for testing now! Two parts are required.

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CG N Scale: Computer Generated - 3D Printed

The CG N Scale Facebook Page is live! Like us today for the latest in news and raffle giveaways!

Steamdonkey Crane and 6 Dome Tanker Photos!

CG N Scale: Computer Generated - 3D Printed

The CG N Scale 6 Dome Tank Car and Steamdonkey Crane on Flat Car have now been fully released! Check out the photos in the Gallery!

42' Dry Bulk Trailer - Now Available!

CG N Scale: Computer Generated - 3D Printed

I am excited to announce that the 42' Dry Bulk Trailer is now available through the CG N Scale Shapeways Shop!

This highly detailed 42' Dry Bulk Trailer is sure to be an attractive addition to any freight industry, road way, or construction site on the layout.

Pickles and More, Now Available!

CG N Scale: Computer Generated - 3D Printed

The CG N Scale Pickle Car and Stagecoach packs are now available for direct order through Shapeways. Be sure to check out the newest release of the Ventilated Boxcar, now with grab irons, increased undercarriage detail, and more. I've added a 30' Early Flat Car 10-pack as well!

For you more modern railroaders, we still have the Telescoping Boom Forklift, as well as a few surprises "preparing for lift-off".

For complete model details, check out our products page.

New Products Available!

CG N Scale: Computer Generated - 3D Printed

During our period of initial set up, our direct inventory is very limited. But that's no reason to panic. You can also order direct from the source! The Telescoping Boom Forklift and Ventilated Boxcar (also avilale in a 2-pack), are now listed in the CG N Scale shop on Shapeways.com.

Contact Us Form Now Working

CG N Scale: Computer Generated - 3D Printed

The form on the "Contact Us" page is now up and running! Feel free to submit model requests, suggestions and comments. Our target models are currently vehicles, details and accessories though we wish to expand into rolling stock and possibly locomotives shells in the near future. During our start-up phase your model suggestions are more welcome than ever!

Welcome to CGNscale.com!

CG N Scale: Computer Generated - 3D Printed

Hello world! After much work, I am pleased to bring the CGNscale.com website online for the first time! You may notice it is pretty bare at the moment, but as the CG N Scale product line grows, so will this website. Feel free to click around and explore. I especially invite you to visit our Friends & Sponsors links.

Check back soon to enter my Grand Opening Raffle!
I am buidling this site myself, much like I design the CG N scale models. Once I get the sign up/comments option working I plan to hold a raffle for some CG N scale products! Be sure to check back often so you don't miss your chance!

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CG N scale uses the latest technology in 3D printing to provide hobbyists with the models they desire, now. Our products encourage growth and enthusiasm for the worlds greatest hobby, and especially the hobby's greatest scale. Check out a CG N Scale product today!

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